Metropolitan Community Church of Rehoboth Beach

Our Pastor Rev. Elder Diane Fisher
Our Mission:  We are a loving, open, and affirming Christian congregation celebrating the wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.  Rooted in and reaching beyond the Rainbow Community, we are a lay-centered fellowship offering a safe and encouraging environment for spiritual transformation through worship, learning, growth, and service.
Our Worship:   MCC Rehoboth is a member congregation of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, founded in 1968 to offer a home to everyone in affirmation of God’s unconditional, all-inclusive love. Recognizing that we come from a variety of religious backgrounds and traditions, we strive to present a balanced worship that honors the traditional while embracing what is new, and reclaiming the essential message of Jesus for today’s world.
Services:  We worship at 10 a.m. every Sunday at 19369 Plantation Road in Rehoboth Beach, between Hwy 24 and Postal Lane.
Our Communion:  MCC churches throughout the world offer open communion. Regardless of baptism, church affiliation, or personal belief, everyone is welcome at this table.